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Knee Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Sugar Cravings, Lifestyle Counseling

“Emily was recommended by a friend for my torn meniscus, everything had failed and I was down to surgery as my last option.  I’m no longer considering surgery.  Seeing Emily almost weekly has not only helped my knee but her approach to the whole body and being has helped with sleep, sugar cravings, and stress related issues. 

Her approach is kind, thorough, and firm often acting as a life coach as well as a medical professional.  The quality of my life is so much better – and so is my knee!” - Shelley

Hip Pain, Digestive Problems

“A few years back I was in a car accident and ever since I experienced pain in my left hip. Further, I had problems with digestion that western medicine just could not keep under control. Fortunately, I was referred to Emily and I am now managing both conditions more effectively.

Emily Cohen is a brilliant diagnostician who utilizes all available alternative methods to help patients cope with their ailments and afflictions.  However, what I like best about Emily is that she listens and empowers patients to take control over their health.” - Jeff

Migraines, Fatigue

“I have been seeing Emily for over a year and it has significantly improved my quality of life. I was tired all the time and had migraines at least twice a week. The acupuncture treatments have increased my energy dramatically and I rarely get migraines anymore. I always feel comfortable with Emily and confident in her ability to help me. ” - Betsy

LupineBack Pain, Sinus Congestion, Anxiety, Depression

“On the recommendation of a friend, who was also my former acupuncturist, I contacted Emily seeking treatment for back problems. At the time it was particularly acute and I was in significant pain. The first phone call and initial consultation put me at ease. The treatments helped me get over the worst of the pain and manage the condition.

Over the past year and a half I have also relied on Emily to treat sinus congestion, anxiety, and depression. In my experience the acupuncture and herbal treatments have been very beneficial to my health and overall quality of life.

Emily is a warm and caring person who is truly concerned with the health and well being of her clients. Emily is extremely professional and fosters an environment of trust that is crucial to the healing relationship.” - Mike

Chronic Headaches, Menstrual Problems, Lyme Disease

“I have seen Emily to help with chronic headaches, menstrual difficulties and a multitude of symptoms related to Lyme disease. Her approach has been strong, but gentle, her presence friendly and warm and I always leave feeling better.” - Hope

Grape HyaciFertility

“Emily is a healer in every sense of the word.  She is a gifted acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist whose thoughtful and comprehensive approach has literally changed my life.  I began working with Emily after my husband and I struggled unsuccessfully for two years to conceive.  Emily was able to diagnose and treat my infertility with a combination of weekly acupuncture and daily herbal preparations.  Within six months I was pregnant!  

I continued to see Emily throughout my pregnancy and to take herbs to keep the pregnancy strong.  Since having my baby, I continue to see Emily for support in regulating postpartum hormones and general physical and emotional well-being.  

I often joke that Emily got me pregnant and I am convinced that without her skill and gentle supportive spirit, my husband and I would not have our precious son.  I can't recommend her enough!”  - Donna

Eczema, Insomnia, Digestive Issues

“I have been receiving acupuncture and Chinese medical herbs for over thirty years from various practitioners. I have also suffered off and on from terrible eczema, insomnia and digestive issues. Since seeing Emily, my eczema has cleared up: for two whole years I've been eczema free!

I now go to her for tune-ups, and she has ushered me into a worry-free lifestyle that contains a simple tea remedy every night. Although I lead a high tension life with career and family, I am sleeping better, and my skin is great.

Emily has that rare combination of intellectual brilliance, with depth of heart and empathy. She is extremely nurturing, yet with appropriate boundaries, and combines this with extremely elegant and effective treatments involving any combination required of herbs, acupuncture, bodywork, moxibustion and lifestyle advice.” – Mary


“I feel comfortable talking to Emily – she is a very attentive listener.  Acupuncture sessions with Emily help me deal with the stress of graduate school. I feel so much better when I leave her office!” - Abby


“I came to see Emily for digestive issues, mainly constipation.  I started with acupuncture which was helpful and eventually went on to Chinese herbs with acupuncture.  Once I started the herbs my life started to change.  Things started to move more freely in every aspect of my life.  Lots of issues were clearer.

Emily will spend the time it takes with each individual to meet their needs. It doesn't matter how busy she is. She truly enjoys what she does which is evident in the manner she connects.”
- Cindy

Exam RoomBack Pain, Fatigue, Sugar Cravings

"I decided to try out acupuncture in order to help my back and increase energy. The effects were much more long-lasting than I expected, and affected every part of my life.

I noticed less compulsive sugar cravings, and I ended up canceling an appointment with a back specialist for a cortisone injection that I had scheduled. 

It´s been a relaxing, respectful and educational relationship with my first acupuncturist.  I loved how much time and effort she took to make sure the surrounding environment was warm and soothing. She continues to be available and responsive to my many questions about Chinese medicine. 

After doing about 12 sessions with Emily, I took a break from the acupuncture, and I went off the herbs for a while too. I decided to return to work with Emily and saw that increased energy, less desire for sugar, and a peaceful back returned as well.” - Julie

Insomnia, Depression, Fatigue, Anger, Immunity, Allergies, Medication Withdrawal

“I decided to give acupuncture a "what-the-heck" try in an attempt to curb intense sugar cravings I had been having. Four years later, I still see Emily on near weekly basis for treatment of complex and chronic issues such as insomnia, depression, fatigue, anger, and lethargy, and consider her one of my primary healthcare providers.

Emily's work has moved me light-years forward in identifying and addressing their causes, and, perhaps most importantly, making me feel better and improving the quality of my life. She is simply one of the best around.

I have had several powerful, and in a few cases, transformative sessions with Emily-- it was her work, in large part, that helped keep me grounded and present through a sudden and violent death of a parent, and in keeping an even keel through the grieving process in subsequent years.

Her work has also kept me healthy in preventing full-blown onset of colds and flu in winter, and, most recently, has kept me relatively healthy during an extended case of mononucleosis.

I had had intense and debilitating seasonal allergies my entire life prior to working with Emily-- they had disappeared completely after a few months of treatment.

Emily's work has also been extremely effective in near painless withdrawals from a doctor-prescribed Benzo- (Klonopin), which is notorious for its intense and crippling withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal was easy and uneventful when combined with Emily's acupuncture treatments.

Not only is Emily an accomplished acupuncturist, she is also a stellar herbalist whose prescriptions *WORK*. A current formula I am on has been tremendously helpful with insomnia and GI issues, and works immediately after taking it. Her formulas always make me feel better and clearer-headed, and cleaner in body.

Emily brings a fun detective-like quality to determining the cause of her patients' illnesses. I'm convinced that, if after a few sessions, Emily can't figure out what's going on with you, few others can.” - Joe

Skin Condition, Digestive Troubles, Healthier Happier Life

“Emily knows what she’s doing.  What a fabulous relief it is to have found a health care practitioner in whom I have such confidence.  With Emily the knowledge that she is competent, reasonable, knowledgeable, and caring increases with each visit.  She is a rare find.

With Emily, I saw immediate improvement of a skin condition, followed by a continued improvement of the digestive troubles that had created it.  The cure of my health problems, furthermore, were accompanied by changes in myself that led to a healthier, happier life. The effects went beyond the treatment of symptoms and their causes, to a different way of being, a life that was more authentically me, a life that is less likely to produce either the symptoms or causes.

Emily is someone I have come to rely on.  She is the one who was able to resolve a health problem others couldn’t. I am glad to be building a relationship with someone so caring and I have the comfort of looking forward to good heath and reliable care for years and years.” - Tim

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